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Amazing idea, would be kind of heavy, and the bits would probably rattle unless the inside is foam instead of plastic. Also consider adding a level.

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Following the war, Thor was not very active on Earth. He had been summoned to assist the Olympians on a handful of occasions, such as when he helped defend Olympus from an invasion by creatures spawned from the mind of Professor Buffanoff. [86] In 6956, Thor came to the assistance of the Olympians on three more occasions. The first came when Venus was trapped in the nation of Cassarobia , a prisoner of its ruling sultan. [87]

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When not being carried around for Asgardian cosplay, this hammer opens up to reveal all the tools stored inside. The handle is shared with an actual hammer, which is fastened into a removable tray. Beneath the tray is a reservoir for loose tools and nuts/bolts.

'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer features Hela destroying Thor's

Though an ordinary construction worker, Masterson's bravery and selflessness earned him Thor's respect. And when Masterson was injured in a battle between Thor and Mongoose, Odin chose to merge the two heroes in order to save Masterson's life. For a time, Masterson became Thor's new civilian identity, and the first human to wield Mjolnir on a regular basis. He quickly became known as "The Everyman Avenger."

Meanwhile, Loki had stolen Dr. Solvang's car and was caught by Iron Man. Though the boy tried to apologize Stark was about to attack him but Thor told his comrade to stop, admitting that he had indeed brought the God of Mischief back and that was all there was to say about his little brother.

Thor led an active, adventurous life in Asgard, doing battle with Frost Giants and other enemies of the Golden realm. Odin watched Thor become more and more arrogant, and sent him to Midgard several times to learn humility. Over the years, Odin grew increasingly dissatisfied with Thor's headstrong behavior and excessive pride. On one occasion Thor violated a truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants, thereby nearly starting another war. Finally, while Thor was engaged in a brawl in an Asgardian tavern, Odin summoned him to his presence. [89]

After Nick Fury whispered Thor a revelation that consolidated the God of Thunder's deepest belief, that of Gorr the God-Butcher being right about claiming the gods were selfish and uncaring for mortals, Thor lost his confidence about his godhood and consequently his ability to wield Mjolnir. [8]

Mjolnir's enchantment is designed to prevent any living being from lifting the hammer unless they're worthy. But as it turns out, the "living being" part can serve as a convenient loophole in the right circumstances.

When the universe was restored, so was Odinson and the rest of its inhabitants with no memory of their temporary demise. Having returned to his status of unworthiness, Odinson journeyed to the realm of Asgard after learning from the Unseen, Nick Fury's secret new identity, about the sudden appearance of a Mjolnir from an alternate reality. When he reached his native realm, Odinson discovered the City of Asgard had vanished, [658] having being captured by the Collector , who had become interested in this second Mjolnir.

From that point on, Thor devoted himself to Earth's conquest to bring order to humanity he ruled Earth for nearly two hundred years. In that time, he married the Enchantress and she bore him a son, Magni. Thor finally came to realize that he had done wrong, and used a device created by Zarrko to travel back in time and prevent Asgard's destruction. He re-emerged as his self with Jake Olson, to ensure that Olson's humanity would prevent his future from occurring in that timeline. [59]

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